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Slow and Steady


Abstract Mixed Media

For turtles, slow and steady wins the race. They are fortunate to enjoy life at a slower pace. There can be lessons in this, for the turtle cannot progress from inside its shell. It has no choice but to stick its neck out.

Summers with my boys spent on island "turtle fishing" are some of my fondest memories. However, one should not confuse turtle fishing with actually fishing for turtles. The process of Nantucket turtle fishing requires a good piece of twine and a chicken leg to feed the large snapping turtles that live in the creek. Feeling the tug and the "crunch" and then pulling them up to see their prehistoric bodies clench on with mighty jaws is strangely exhilarating.

This painting reflects their free spirit, living in the moment and taking one step after another with simple, quiet intention.


30 x 24 Birch Panel

Semi-Precious Gems
Healing Stones
Natural Found Objects

Emerald - Jade - Mosaic Stones from the shores of Hawaii

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