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Finding Inspiration

Something about the ocean, or water itself, is seductive and draws us in. The sound of the waves lapping the shore or a river weaving and winding its way over the rocks vibrates to the deepest part of our souls, making us long for more. That connection remains with us no matter how far we travel.


My compositions are an escape into the underwater world through the lens of abstract art.

From the time I was a child, I was drawn to the water. Growing up, my family spent summers at a lake in Maine, and the memory of long days swimming, exploring, and being together over a fire is a feeling that I carry with me and now share with my own children, except now it is not at the lake but at the ocean. My work comes from that place, those memories, that feeling.


Each time I look at the ocean, it is as if I see it for the first time.  It is omnipresent and constantly changing and expressing itself in a new light.

My aim is to capture that connection with each piece and spark that recollection in the viewer.


Julie Akerson Chicos


Julie Akerson Chicos is a mixed-media abstract painter, graphic designer, and writer who splits her time between Boston and Nantucket. You can find her latest writing at

Julie works primarily in resin and pigments while incorporating acrylics, semi-precious gems, textiles, and naturally found objects.

The rich paintings pay homage to the artist's love of the sea and the world that hums beneath. Her distinctive personal style emanates peace and healing while expressing that vibrant spirit of the sea. Abstract underwater scapes, sea creatures, healing stones, and shells all begging to be touched are brought to life with contrasting harmonious colors and soothing compositions.

As the artist explains, “I am an artist and a storyteller, so to me, each piece is a visual and physical journey.”

From a young age,  she was always creating and believes, “Everyone is an artist. Everyone was born with the gift to create. You just have to let yourself tap into it without judgment and see where it takes you."

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